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this is so much fun!

Earlier this week I had a speaking engagement where I got to speak to some really fantastic women.

I shared very specific tips on: Quitting your Job Standing on your own Two Feet Finding your Purpose as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver™ After the engagement I received an overwhelming response from women who wanted to connect with me for a private call to take these teachings further and get support.  The following morning I chose to lay in bed until 8:15am (just don’t tell my mom). I then had an hour long phone chat with a dear friend of mine who called out of the blue and then I went to do early voting. Now, how fun is that?! Fun because - It's a life I created that works the way I see fit.   Fun because - It's a life that makes sense for my own circadian rhythm.  Not a life that is dictated by clocking in and clocking out, a toxic work envinornemt, or a place where I am not appreciated.  When I was 24 years old I recall dating a man who worked from home. Working from home to me at that time translated into: what a lazy sack of you know what.   16 years later I’m singing a different tune.  It’s taken commitment, consistency, financial and time investments to create the life that I see fit for myself but boy oh boy is it worth it!   This is possible for you too. If you’re in a job and have a schedule that doesn’t feel fulfilling or doesn’t light you up how much longer are you going to keep going like this? In The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs I teach a carefully curated 6 step process I designed as a culmination of my 9 years of being independently employed.  I’ve done this because I know how badly you want to create a life that you see fit too. I know you want to feel purposeful and fulfilled. You’re a lot like me. You're also like Non-Nine-to-Five client Elisia who went from 9-5 job with no business, to quitting her 9-5, going full time in her business and both doubling and tripling her income doing work she loves. If you’d like to know how you can create this for yourself email me right away. Lets have fun and live life the way we see fit, Jen PS: Living a life you see fit can look like anything that feels aligned for you.  Maybe you're an independent contractor working for several companies that you adore, maybe you're a freelancer, maybe you have a full-time business.  There are NO rules at all!  We get to create them. Isn't it time you created your own rules?   Again, I am just an email away:


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