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When you firmly plant your flag in the self-employment ground and whole heartedly make the decision to start a business it can feel like you simultaneously start a whole new life. All of a sudden while working your 9-5 job you are also creating a business and if you are like the High-Level Women I work with you also commit to receiving rigorous support, being held accountable, showing up to private coaching calls, community teaching and support calls, and training days with me. One of the biggest teachings that truly takes time to absorb and put into practice is the creation of a schedule that not only fits all of these pieces in but feels good which is why I am so excited to share that I am leading all Non-Nine-to-Five™ Community members in a training next month!

Peaceful Planning: How to Create a Schedule, Follow it, and Feel Good about it!

Yes, I am dedicating an entire day of training to creating a schedule BECAUSE scheduling your day-to-day as someone stepping into self-employment while working your 9-5 job takes time, takes effort, and it takes practice. AND, once you have found your groove it feels really fun and good! The important piece to remember is that this is a LEARNED PROCESS. You can’t expect yourself to know how to do this. You’ve got to be taught, practice it, and put the time in.

When I quit my 9-5 job, I took on independent contracting work which had me working with multiple students in various parts of NYC which meant I had to travel to many locations 5 days a week. Then I started The Non-Nine-to-Five™ on top of that, and THEN I started ANOTHER job on top of that (in case you lost count, this equals 3 jobs). I had to teach myself how to create a schedule that worked and to be honest with you, it took TIME to really get this down. It’s important that I emphasize this is a LEARNED PROCESS that takes TIME. This is why we have a safe and sacred community of High-Level and Highly Motivated Women supporting one another and doing the work to LEARN and PRACTICE. If you are someone who is on the fence about creating self-employment because you're worried you can't handle working your 9-5 and creating self-employment at the same time, know that you're not alone (I was once there!), it is TOTALLY doable, and there is an entire community of High-Motivated Women doing this as we speak. And, if this is you, I invite you to get in touch with me directly so you can receive support and see, just how possible ALL of this truly is! Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed (and having a schedule you love!), - Jen


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