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times are hard

Have you ever said: It’s a hard time right now It’s too hard to make this decision This just feels way too hard (and perhaps more than ever you are feeling this energy of “times are hard” due to the current climate of our country/world)

It can feel hard to follow the call to be a Non-Nine-to-Fiver™ It can feel hard to have faith that it will work out. It can feel hard to finally, once and for all quit your 9-5. However, it doesn’t NEED to be hard. The truth is that the mind tells you it’s hard because it fears the unknown. Take what we are dealing with in our world right now.  If you’ve been to your local grocery store lately you may have noticed that many of the shelves are bare.  This past weekend I needed a bottle of olive oil.  I went to 2 different grocery stores and both were out. When the mind is in the driver’s seat it can perpetuate fear, panic, anxiety, and go into crisis mode.  Fear breeds crisis. When intuition is in the driver’s seat, when you believe with conviction it will work out exactly as it is meant to, when you release your grip on fear your purpose in the world becomes clearer and closer to you AND your most aligned actins to take appear right in front of you. One of the steps to Living The Non-Nine-to-Five™ way I teach is called, “Tap into Intuition to Stay the Course.”  This is because a fear based or logical based or intellectually based mind will never see what is truly possible.  We need to tap into intuition consistently, everyday and work on strengthening our relationship to it, otherwise it is going to be a hard and almost impossible journey. When intuition take’s an active and consistent role in your life and you commit to making decisions from a highly grounded intuitive place, fear melts away. You’re fear of failure – gone You’re fear of the unknown – gone You’re financial fears – gone I know this for a fact because I have been living this way for quite some time now and I want you to join me from this space so we can create your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose instead of having you feeling shackled to the false belief that your 9-5 brings you stability. Here to support you in releasing the fear, Jen PS: this indeed can feel like a very hard time in our world YET those that are committed to intuition/faith/a higher energy source can safely access the energies of calm and grounding.  It's actually a very easy shift that is right there for you and I am right here for you. Please do reach out and know my door is open to connect in deeper about accessing calm and grounding energy especially during this exceptional time in our country/world –


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