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today is important

Today is an important day.

Today we celebrate MLK Jr.’s birthday (actual birthday is January 15th). Today we celebrate the birth of a man who committed his life to the change he knew deep in his heart was meant to occur. He powerfully used his voice and his intuition to create a massive ripple effectwithin the great divide of racism. Today also marks just 1 more week left to apply for the VERY LAST Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort (EEC) Group Program.

The application deadline is Monday, January 25th.

When I decided to go into teaching I felt an intense resonance with MLK Jr. I had a burning desire to create change and provide deep support to my students. I was determined. Have you ever felt an intense burning desire to do something that just mattered to you? Even if you weren’t sure or if others thought it was silly or didn’t make sense? This is what we are doing in The EEC group program. The members of The EEC are gathering together to pursue their life’s work, their Non-Nine-to-Five purpose, and to defy the odds. MLK Jr. had a dream AND he took action on his dream. I urge you to take action on your Non-Nine-to-Five dream. Now is the time. Happy Birthday MLK Jr. - Jen PS: Just 1 week left to apply and 5 spots remaining: Fill out your Application here


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