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wake up

Who taught you that the way to live life is to:

Go to school and get a job?

Who taught you that you need to:

Get a steady paycheck?

Who taught you that you must be employed to:

Get health insurance?

The answer for all of us is the same:


And now it’s time for society to WAKE UP.

Presently, when I look at how our country is running, our government, big pharma, large corporations, trickle down economics to be quite frank with you I am disgusted.

Are you disgusted too?

If you are feeling the same my sense is that you know it's time to WAKE UP and ask yourself:

How am I going to spend the rest of my life?

Following my friends?

Following what’s trending on social media?

Following the news?

OR - 

Standing strong in my own critical thinking?

Making hard and scary decisions NO MATTER WHAT?

Being a voice for others that is meant to be heard?


It’s a WAKE UP CALL to once and for all take hold of your 1 life, take control of your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose instead of giving your power away to a boss, a desk, your paycheck, or anything else that you allow to dictate your life.

True leaders ONLY follow what is in their hearts, in their guts, and what lives inside of them. True leaders face their fears day after day.  They do not follow society.

I want you to wake up WITH ME.  To partner with me to create the work you are meant to be doing in the world.  I want you to be a voice.  I want you to create real change.  I want you to help others . . . AND I KNOW YOU WANT THIS TOO.

If you know it's time to WAKE UP then I'm calling you to step forward and join 14 others this Summer beginning in June for the:

Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort (EEC)

The Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort is the first ever Non-Nine-to-Five Group Program I am leading for those who KNOW in their heart and in their gut they are meant to be leaders. 

Herearejust some of the details of what you will receive as a participant in the Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort:

  • 6 ZOOM Calls

  • 2 Private Calls 

  • Private Group Forum facilitated, lead, and moderated by me (and not just one more Facebook group to add to your lists of 35,000.  This is for High-Level EEC Non-Nine-to-Fivers only)

  • Private Direct Email Access to Me

No more than 15 participants MAX in this intimate group of High-Level EEC Non-Nine-to-Fivers.

If you want to know more about participating in this cohort and you are ready to WAKE UP - email me ASAP – so we can connect and see if the Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort is a match for you.

Please Note: this is for serious, committed, High-Level Non-Nine-to-Fivers only.  No wishy washy energy aloud.



PS: Lets connect to see if you are a match for the EEC beginning in June.  I will answer any questions you have and support you in seeing if this is a fit for you at this time. 

I can't wait to hear from you!


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