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wearing dirty lenses?

One of the coolest things about starting a business is the ability to conquer your fears.

If you choose firmly, fully dedicate yourself, take action and commit to pursuing your Non-Nin-to-Five purpose “no holds barred” you open yourself up to a world FULL of TRANSFORMATION and GROWTH.

Transformation and growth, while uncomfortable and at times painful lead you down the most rewarding path you could ever imagine!

High-Level and Highly Motivated women who are on this path know deep down that in spite of the discomfort, this is the path for them.

You might be thinking, YIKES Jen. This really doesn’t sound cool at all.

Well, that depends on the lense you choose to look at the self-employment path through . . .

Lens 1 = Conquering fears, taking risks, learning, growing, getting uncomfortable, breaking through beliefs and patterns that do not serve you, generating an income on your own without any ceiling, having full creative license, etc.

Lens 2 = Fear, Doubt, Worry, Concern, Anxiety, Remaining in a false sense of Comfortability, Doing the Same ol’ Same ol’, talking about starting a business but never REALLY doing anything about it.

I've personally shifted from Lens 2 to Lens 1 over the last decade. Before I was out on my own I had visions of having a business, I even took part in entrepreneurial side projects BUT I was SO afraid of feeling uncomfortable and believed I wasn't good enough I never really committed to the path.

When I finally began to shift into Lens 2 SO many possibilities opened up. It was like I was living a whole new life in a whole new world!

Self-employment is NOT for everyone . . .

If you know deep down it is for you but it feels tough to get rid of Lens 1 then I invite you to connect with me for a Private Clarity Call so we can change out the dirty lense and get you a fresh clean and clear lens to start your self-employment path on.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S.: It really doesn’t have to feel so uncomfortable and you don’t have to keep walking around wearing dirty lenses that are full of fear. Please fill out your Clarity Call Application here. (That rhymed!)


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