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what's in your gut?

A few days ago I was watching presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson answer questions from curious constituents.

Something she said that was so small struck me and prompted me to write this short yet poignant post . . .

Question: How do you feel now about your decision to run (for president)?

AnswerI felt in my heart I should run . . . its not easy . . . but yeah . . . my gut (she put her hands on her stomach) . . . I feel like I was supposed to do this.

She then went on to say each and everyone of us has a passion for helping.

Is it in your gut to pursue your passion?  

Is it in your gut to contribute to the world?  

Does your gut know that you weren't built for the 9-5?

Do you know in your gut you were meant to generate an income on your own, do work you love, experience freedom, all on your own terms?

If the answer is yes, isn't it time you followed your gut?

9 years ago this month I followed my gut to help you follow yours.


PS: If you're ready to follow your gut -


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