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why i walked out . . .

Hi there!

A few months ago I walked out of a first date after 15 minutes.

My intuition was screaming at me this was not a match and I agreed.  I told him that I didn’t sense we were a fit, thanked him, and walked out.

In every area of our lives we have complete and total access to our intuition. Intuition is a natural GPS system that we are all born with.  It’s always there no matter what. It’s especially important for those of us that know we aren’t meant for the 9-5 world but “aren’t sure” how to leave it and be able to stand on our own two feet without it. One of the things that I have learned on this journey is that the mind is constantly making up stories about the future. It may say things like . . .  If I leave my job . . . I won’t be able to take care of myself financially I’ll be seen as a failure I’ll have to live a very different lifestyle But what if it was the opposite . .  If I leave my job . . .  I’ll take care of myself financially in the most amazing way! I’ll be a success! I’ll live a very different and aligned lifestyle! If your intuition is nudging you, calling to you, asking you, sending you messages in any way shape or form that there is a higher call for you to accept, then there is nothing more to it than to say YES. Once you say yes, it is then about staying with it, and not giving up. This is where The Non-Nine-to-Five comes in with coaching, mentoring, guidance, systems, tools, step by step processes to be sure you are kept on track, you are seen, you are heard, and you are fully supported. We are just 48 hours into a brand-new year which could mean a brand new you, a brand-new time to follow your intuition and not have to do it alone. My hand is reached out with support and my email is open to receive your message. Happy New Year!   Jen

PS: Next week I'm speaking for local Austin women's group SheWorks. I'll be providing you with steps on how to quit your 9-5 job, stand on your own two feet, and find your purpose as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver.


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