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why yesterday was so powerful

Yesterday an intimate group of High-Level Non-Nine-to-Fivers gathered for our very first Mastermind gathering of 2021!

When we come together to mastermind: real, raw, and vulnerable questions are asked and our entire Non-Nine-to-Five community steps up to support one another.

And everyone comes away with one clear action step to take moving forward.

Questions such as:

  • How do I manage a schedule with both my 9-5 and my Non-Nine-to-Five?

  • How do I reach out to potential clients when I feel like a fraud?

  • How do I stop procrastinating and move through my anxiety?

AND a huge celebration from one of our members who has just paid off ALL of her student loan debt while both working her 9-5 and focusing on her Non-Nine-to-Five! There are ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT TO APPLY for The New Year Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort! The application deadline is this Monday, January 25th 11:59pm. If you know you are meant to receive an abundance of support on your Non-Nine-to-Five journey, generate an abundance of income, and feel an abundance of energy in this brand new year I strongly encourage you to apply.

I have received a number of applications and there are only 5 spaces left open so time is of the essence. Sending you an abundance of New Year High-Level Energy, Jen PS: Just 3 days left to apply and only 5 spots remaining:

Fill out your Application here PPS: The deadline to apply is Monday, January 25th 11:59pm.


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