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will you stop doing this?

I’m going to jump right into some straight talk today. Last week I connected with a woman who had been stuck in her 9-5 for years yet desperately wanted to pursue her Non-Nine-to-Five purpose. She told me, “I am meant to give back to others, brighten their lives, and pour into them.” She also vulnerably shared her immense worry and fear about pursuing her Non-Nine-to-Five purpose, leaving her feeling “tortured” on a daily basis. Unfortunately, when fear has such a stronghold on us, the torture is inevitably cyclical.

Fear comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s sly, cunning, and clever. It will grip on with a tightness because if you dare let go you have to actually “die to who you are.” Meaning, you have to take actions to transform who you’ve been your entire life up until this very point and this, for the fear based mind is the equivalent to death. When fear grips and you’re unwilling to grant yourself permission to unlock it, it can come in the form of:

  • I’ll just stay at this job another year

  • I’ll just take this class (or read this book)

  • I’ll just figure it out on my own

  • I’ll just get advice from my family and friends

When the mind makes statements like these it perpetuates the cycle of doing the SAME thing over and over and over leaving you in the same exact place. Here's the thing: The path of successful self-employment is not actually about marketing, sales, ideal client clarity, etc. Yes, these are a must to master and require a level of expertise, but the path is much deeper and wider. It’s an "inside job" because if you try to start a business doing what you’ve always done, being who you’ve always been your path will be painful and hard. I’ve been on both sides of the coin over the past 12 years and is the exact reason WHY I dedicate myself to mastering and teaching this rigorous work. If you sense you're meant to go this path or you know someone who is, please email me directly: Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed, - Jen P.S.: Please join in me in celebrating Meg who dove headfirst into The Non-Nine-to-Five™ teaching, “Easily attract Clients with Heart and Soul Marketing” by networking and securing her first paid client: “Last week I attended a networking event where I had a lot of interested potential clients. From that event alone, I've had 3 women reach out to work together. I've had my first 2 consultation calls, I am in the process of scheduling my 3rd and I've scheduled 2 follow-up calls for next week!" I secured my first paid client today! This client signed up for my biggest package, has committed to a 4-month contract, and has chosen a monthly payment plan!!! It feels so good to have secured my first client after all the hard work I've put into my business with Jen this last year!!!” P.S.S: If you want to experience what Meg has, I’m right here standing by:


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