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you are a failure

Has anyone ever said this to you? Have YOU ever sad this to you? Chances are at some point you have told yourself you are a failure. In a meditation I did earlier this week the narrator touched on something I find is so essential for self-employed women/women who want to step into self-employment . . . We can tend to self-identify with our failures. When something doesn’t work out the way we anticipated it or we don’t get what we want from the actions we took, we make it mean that WE ARE failures instead of this is just a failure.

Our minds are wired to attach meaning to our experiences so if you fail or make a mistake your mind will tell you, you are not good enough. Therefore:

If I succeed I am a WINNER, HEROINE, VICTOR (aka I am ENOUGH). If I fail I am a LOSER, BAD PERSON, STUPID WOMAN (aka I am NOT ENOUGH). BUT the truth is that when we fail it actually doesn’t mean anything. All a failure is, is an experience with an outcome that we didn’t want. It also means we have the opportunity to learn. In truth the ONLY way to succeed at self-employment is to fail. Without mistakes and failed actions, we CAN NEVER succeed because we aren't learning. So, the next time you fail at something or it doesn’t go how you expected it please remember: you are NOT a failure. You are simply learning and growing which is paving the path to successful self-employment. Seeing your successes and failures as victories, Jen PS: Within The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Community I teach both the importance of celebrating wins and acknowledging failures. Check out what Shannon recently shared on our online community forum:

I am celebrating the fact that after Jen taught us the scheduling tools I did not use them but I finally did and found an amazing turn of events!! Not only have I been more productive, I found more time and joy for me! I had time to go swimming in the middle of day, and let me tell you, the new scheduling tactics WORK! I am so happy and sincere when I say Thank you. Before I was scrambling to find just enough time to sleep, and now for the past three days, not only am I getting all my tasks done, I’m having so much more quality time for myself! Thank you, Jen, for the amazing insight on what we are capable of doing! I truly do celebrate this win!


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