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Taking the leap from 9-5 to Non9-5 can feel almost impossible to commit if you don’t feel fully confident, are worried you won’t be able to generate money, or feel unmotivated.

When I was in my final “throws” of teaching my confidence was at an all-time low and I constantly berated myself with “LOSER, LOSER, LOSER!”

However, as I stepped out of “loser land” I learned about my inner GPS system.  

You have your very own unique inner GPS system that when used as a sturdy compass can literally make the impossible, completely possible!

When you combine this system with a high-level commitment to pursue your Non9-5 purpose you will easily step out of the shadows and into your brilliance, literally being lifted beyond fear and doubt, creating and pursuing your true Non9-5 purpose whether that be the founder of a successful coaching practice, the CEO of a marketing company, or the owner of a wellness organization (etc.).

Which is why on Friday, December 11th 11:00am CST - 2:00pm CST I will be teaching exactly what I have learned and practiced every step of the way so you can experience confidence, joy, and fully commit to your brilliant Non-Nine-to-Five purpose . . . 

You are cordially invited to The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Virtual Masterclass:

Master Your Inner GPS: How to Commit to Your Non-9-5 Purpose (in just 2 key steps!)


Friday, December 11th 11:00am CST – 2:00pm CST


Private Virtual Classroom (You will receive the link prior to class)


Master Your Inner GPS: How to Commit to Your Non-9-5 Purpose (in just 2 key steps!) - I will be teaching in-depth curriculum that I have NOT shared before that when put into action will have you mastering your own unique inner GPS System and Commit FULLY to your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose!


  • 1 Payment of $97 


  • 1 Payment of $97 AND bring a friend for FREE.  Bring a friend as your plus 1 at no additional investment!! 


If you have any questions go ahead and reserve your seat and I'll get ALL of your questions answered!

SO looking forward to seeing you in class,

- Jen

PS: Don’t forget you can bring a friend for FREE!  Your $97 tuition will reserve a seat for both you and a friend.  If you’re not sure who to bring just yet, no worries – get your seat reserved by registering and then take some time to decide who you’d like to bring!


PPS: Please share this invitation with anyone you sense could use this class, Master Your Inner GPS: How to Commit to Your Non-9-5 Purpose (in just 2 key steps!).  I don’t want to deny anyone these deep teachings.


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