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you are in the perfect place

“Wherever we are is the perfect place, and whatever time it is now is the perfect time. That doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t improve things, particularly ourselves. But indulging the thought that if only we were somewhere else things would be better is a surefire way to experience pain.” – Marianne Williamson.

Perhaps as you are reading this you are in a job that feels exhausting, perhaps you are unemployed and scared to start your business, perhaps you recently started your Non-Nine-to-Five business but it feels overwhelming.

WHEREVER you are, in fact you are exactly where you are meant to be. Have you ever noticed as human beings we try so hard to fight our circumstances and wish them away?

We say, WHY ME? WHY THIS? WHY NOW? If only I was . . . We think that if we could just get away from what we are currently experiencing things would be better, things would be right, things would be perfect. The truth is we are where we are right now, at this very moment because this is where we are meant to be. And again, it doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t improve things. BUT, it does mean acceptance. Accepting where you are is in fact the first step to progress and growth. When I quit my 9-5 job I had to accept the fact that I was unemployed, that I felt horrible about myself, I had no other job lined up, and the moment I walked out that door the paycheck stopped. Once I was able to accept my choice and my feelings, I could move forward in making new choices and creating a new plan. If you are willing and ready to accept whatever your current circumstances are right now and know in your heart of hearts you are meant to create successful and sustainable self-employment with your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose, my door is open to you. Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed, - Jen P.S.: Check out Regina’s celebration of a brand-new client: "I am celebrating that I used all the action emails and conversations that I have had with Jen to support me in following up with a potential client and now she is a paid client!"


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