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you can't get away with this

Last weekend I was with a good friend of mine who turned to me and said:

“There are more things I want to be consistent with in my job but I’m not.”

Me: “What do you sense is stopping you from upping your consistency?”

Friend: “Well I don’t really NEED to be consistent. I get my work done and I get paid so everything is fine. My boss knows I’m doing a good job and I know I'm doing a good job so there really is no push to be more consistent. I’m good right where I am.”

What my friend shared is probably the most essential piece to the self-employment puzzle!

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As an employee you can most certainly “get away with things.” You can get away with watching memes from your PC, coming in a bit late, calling out sick, doing the minimal amount of work, flipping around social media during a zoom call, checking texts while on a conference call, etc.

As a self-employed person YOU CAN'T. You will NEVER GET AWAY with anything like this.

You can't be successfully self-employed if you're unwilling to be consistent.

This is why self-employment MUST be a heart centered, deep down gut knowing you are meant for this life changing and accelerated personal and professional growth track!

By the way, did you notice above I said unwilling to be consistent? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:


The self-employment track is not designed for everyone BUT for those High-Level women who are willing and feel it in their bones they will be rewarded in SO many ways they could never imagine IF they take consistent steps forward.

Are you willing? Do you feel it in your bones you are meant to be a successfully self-employed woman with a sustainable business?

The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Special Summer discount on ALL programming ends on 8.31.21 and my calendar continues to get really squishy so please APPLY HERE ASAP for a special 1-Hour Private Clarity Call with me so we can see if you're a match for the High-Level work we do at The Non-Nine-to-Five™.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S.: How cool is this awesome celebration that just happened a few days ago for Yasmin, an amazing (and super funny) member of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ community:

Today I am celebrating a couple things. I am celebrating the fact that after my Facebook post, I had someone reach out to me about coaching and I officially have my first paying client. I also had a second round of interviews that I feel went really well!

P.P.S: If you want to create your own Non-Nine-to-Five celebrations please

APPLY HERE for a 1-Hour Private Clarity Call with me before 8.31.21.


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