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you have no idea how imperative this is!

I have a funny feeling you have no idea just how imperative what I’m about to share with you truly is! Have you noticed that in almost every message you receive from me/The Non-Nine-to-Five™ a celebration is included? I include a client celebration in almost every message I send out because celebrating and acknowledging is IMPERATIVE on The Non-Nine-to-Five™ journey.

BUT WHY? Celebrating is a way to train the mind to acknowledge yourself. Celebrating is a way to appreciate yourself and your actions. Celebrating is a surefire way to move out of perfectionism. Even on our weekly team meetings my assistant and I celebrate both a Non-Nine-to-Five and personal win. By doing this we acknowledge our work, one another, and we bring in energy that supports us in growth, acceleration and connects us deeper to our work and the clients we serve and support. Celebrating, however, to the untrained self-employed mind can feel pretty hard. This is because if you don’t get exactly what you want, or it looks different than you expected you will most likely believe you failed, therefore sending the message to yourself I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I didn’t sign on the potential client (I am not good enough) No one responded to my email (I am not good enough) I didn’t generate the money I wanted (I am not good enough) When you believe you are not good enough because you missed the mark you are actually DEGRADING yourself and your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose. You read that right . . . you are degrading yourself and your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose. So, here’s a super simple trick to train your mind to celebrate:

  1. Get a notebook

  2. Get a pen

  3. Choose a day and time each week you will come to this notebook with this pen

  4. On your chosen day and time write down between 1 and 3 celebrations from that week

  5. Do this consistently every single week without stopping no matter what

  6. Watch as you begin to train the mind to Celebrate, Acknowledge, and Appreciate vs. degrading yourself and swimming around in a sea of I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

You have MY WORD that if you do this consistently it will be a massive game changer on your Non-Nine-to-Five journey. Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed, - Jen P.S: Here’s an outstanding celebration from Non-Nine-to-Five member Shannon:

“I would just like to celebrate that today was my LAST day being full-time at my job!! I am only devoting 1/4 of my time to my job and now have opened up more time and energy to focus on MY BUSINESS!! Yay! I’m so excited!!"


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