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you have the ability to access THIS

If you have an inexplicable knowing that you’re meant for the path of successful self-employment...

If you have a knowing that you aren’t meant for the run of the mill 9-5 job in spite of the steady paycheck and benefits...

If you have a knowing that you want to impact others and make a difference in the world in a way that feels aligned with your authentic self...

You have the ability to access Creative Resiliency.

Creative Resiliency (as defined by me) is the act of maneuvering through hardships via the creation of creative opportunities.

When I left my full-time teaching job in 2010 I was faced with no more paycheck, no more benefits, and no job. The opportunity for Creative Resiliency was staring me in the face.

I was forced to get creative.

From the space of Creative Resiliency, I secured independent contracting work which led me to starting my first business, Teacher on the Go!

When I started The Non-Nine-to-Five™ tutoring students began to shift so I accessed Creative Resiliency again and secured a part-time position with a non-profit organization (which I absolutely loved by the way!).

Accessing Creative Resiliency has had so many interesting, unique, and fun opportunities come my way.

Recently, I came across a company looking for trivia hosts. I’ve never played trivia but with my love for public speaking and “What the heck, why not” attitude I brought myself to an audition.

This photo is my most recent night hosting!

Creative Resiliency marries your innate creative abilities with limitless opportunities you either had no idea existed or never thought you could actually take on.

When we are truly resilient, we adapt to ANY type of experience. When we are in our natural state of creativity, the sky is the limit on what we can create.

If you want deeper access to Creative Resiliency, I invite you to apply for a 1-Hour Private Clarity Call with me. On this call I will aim to make a deep connection with you so you are seen and heard and we can see if the path of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ makes sense for you.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed & activating Creative Resiliency,

- Jen

P.S.: Nicole activated Creative Resiliency and landed a part-time job that has sparked ideal clients coming her way:

“I was feeling a little low at my part-time job and then all at once, two potential client opportunities manifested out of what felt like thin air within a timespan of five minutes!”

P.P.S: Click here to apply for a 1-Hour Private Clarity Call with me.


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