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The most common questions I get when doing an interview are:

What is the first step in creating successful self-employment?

What is one thing you want our audience to know about creating successful self-employment?

My answer is always the same.


I created successful self-employment because I am 100% completely willing to get help. I also ask questions like nobodies business and will always turn to an expert for the next best steps.

However, the first 3 years of my self-employment journey I was completely on my own and boy did I suffer. I threw myself BACK into a deep depression and was a complete mess to say the least.

As I write this to you, I am just coming off of 3 intense days of a virtual training retreat with my business mentor, coaches, and a community of other entrepreneurs and leaders.

If it weren’t for my investment into long term support and seeing the value of doing so there is NO WAY I would be where I am now.

If you are someone who values support, understands that if you try and create Non-Nine-to-Five success all on your own it is going to be an arduous journey, are willing to admit it, “Hey, I don’t know it all,” and you value being a student who takes real time action then please go ahead and fill out a Clarity Call application to connect with me and let’s see if the type of support I provide is a match for you.

Oh and please don’t get stuck in the trap of, “Asking for help is weak” or “I should know how to do this on my own” because it’s just not true at all.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed!

- Jen

P.S.: If you know this is a journey you are meant to be on, please don't be on it alone.


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