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you're a horrible person

Are you familiar with “black and white thinking?”

I lived a good majority of my life engaged in this type of thinking, believing things were either:

Good or Bad

Right or Wrong

Yes or No

I didn’t believe there were grey areas.

One of the most important lenses to view The Non-Nine-to-Five™ journey from is the one of POSSIBILITIES.

Possibilities are always available but ONLY show themselves when you are open and willing to go beyond black and white thinking.

Recently, I connected with a few women who were sharing with me their deep fear of rejection (a fear I'm NOT a stranger to). One woman even shared about freezing up and it feeling “ridiculously difficult” to engage with perspective clients.

When we have a deep fear of rejection the only scenarios we seem to play in our heads are the worst case ones.

They will hang up the phone on me

They will tell people I’m a horrible person

They will think I’m a pushy saleswoman

These scenarios can feel SO REAL like they are 100% the truth. It’s as if they’re going to happen no matter what, leaving us with a severe case of amnesia that possibilities outside of “I will be rejected!” even exist.

Being afraid that someone will reject you, dislike you, say nasty things about you can absolutely feel all too real BUT the question becomes: are you committed to this fear running your life and your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose or are you committed to the possibilities?

The women I serve and support are committed to seeing possibilities outside of black and white thinking which is why they are feeling excited and creating success.

Like Meg who just had her first Private Coaching Call with me:

“I want to celebrate having my first private coaching call with Jen this week! Talking with Jen got all the creative juices flowing & I'm buzzing to start making moves towards my goals. I know I need to take my 2022 motto, Take It One Step At A Time, seriously. Rushing will only slow me down. I was happy to hear that Jen felt the same way & has structured my Non-Nine-to-Five plan around it! I'm excited to get started!”

Are you committed to your fears and black and white thinking or to possibilities?

If possibilities are the path you want to take, please click this linkand apply so we can see if you’re a match for the High-Level work we’re doing at The Non-Nine-to-Five™

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S.: Obviously, you're NOT a horrible person but if the subject heading struck a chord there might be a fear of rejection lingering for you...


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