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you're hiding under a rock

Do you ever feel . . . 





at your 9-5 job?  If YES,you'e completely HIDING OUT.

It's just like the old adage - “I want to hide under a rock”  . . . 

People who feel overwhelmed, tired, bored, disconnected are in essence hiding under a rock because these types of low-level energies DO NOT make for a human who stands out, is excited, connected or creative.  

Here’s the thing:

Non-Nine-to-Fivers aren’t naturally matched for a 9-5 job because they are matched to serve and support others in their own unique way.  The longer you stay at a 9-5 job the longer you are hiding out from your unique talents, strengths, skills and from your future clients or customers.  And in turn you are holding back the gift(s) you are MEANT to share with others.  You are holding back your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose!

So, when you HIDE OUT (under the rock of overwhelm, boredom, disconnection)you HOLD BACK.

Each day that you are further and further removed from your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose (and going in to your job) keeps you under a rock, until before you know it you have truly DISAPPEARED from the person you know deep down are meant to be.

Please don't disappear . . . 


PS:  If you're ready to be seen we still have a few spots left in The Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort (The EEC).  Here are what participants are already saying:

Just wanted to say that I'm feeling more calm and relaxed

I feel like I'm on the right path of my journey and that I was meant to do this.  Today's first Zoom call with the EEC was a great experience even though I was a little skeptical at first.  But watching that video you shared with us really resonated with me and it is comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.  I am really looking forward to going through the assignment this week, and all of the future exercises we will be doing throughout this program. - Setu

It was great getting to seeing everyone's faces on our powerful Zoom Cohort Day1.  Jen, thank you for being the example/mentor/leader of your Non-Nine-To-Five Purpose and thanks to all of us who took this on. I’m grateful to be in a group, as we may be in different purposes and collectively, we are all here on this journey together. - Regina

Email me to see if you are a match for The EEC 


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