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you should have REALLY done this

One of my mentors has recently been talking about following your heart.

I’m pretty sure If I had not followed my heart I would never have left my job and pursued self-employment over a decade ago.

Following your heart will lead you to the beautiful answer to:

What is it I REALLY want?

I put REALLY in all caps because we can tend to fall into a trap of:

What we THINK we SHOULD want

When we do what we THINK we SHOULD, we are NOT following our hearts AND we are NOT following “divine order.”

I SHOULD work at this job because it gives me health benefits

I SHOULD not start a business because I won’t be successful

I SHOULD work at this job because that is what is expected of me

Have you heard of the phrase, Divine Order? It has several different meanings according to who you are speaking to but in essence Divine Order is leading or taking direction from your Higher Power.

Your Higher Power is directly connected to your heart AND your heart is connected to your intuition/gut feeling. They are all one standing by to guide you. BUT, if you don’t listen, what you REALLY want will feel so very far away.

Creating a life from a place of SHOULD will in fact tear down your own Divine Order. I don’t know about you but that

makes me feel really sad.

If you're currently experiencing showing up at your job from a place of SHOULD but you crave to be in alignment with Divine Order and create your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose, then I invite you to fill out an application to connect with me so together we can take a look at what you are struggling with, paint the picture of what it is you REALLY want, and see if The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Programs are a match for you.

Seeing you fully connected to Divine Order,

- Jen

P.S.: If you are already successfully self-employed would you please pay it forward and tell someone that this type of support is available to them? Here is the application link again you can share with them to connect with me.


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