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Do you have a vision where you AREN'T going to a 9-5 job? Does this vision ever feel like just a dream? In 2013 I had a very specific vision come to me one day when I was in the shower. I saw myself speaking in front of a large crowd – sharing deeply, openly, and connecting with the people in the audience. This vision was so vivid that I stood in front of the bathroom mirror talking out loud. In 2013 I was also working through depression and believed this vision was just a dream. I constantly told myself I was a loser, I was no good, and there was no way anyone would want to hear me speak.

Since then I have had over 40 speaking engagements!

silly face speaker
Apparently I look high when I speak...

So how exactly does a human being go from: I’M A LOSER to being a national speaker? In The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs I teach a carefully curated and designed step-by-step process that comes from my 9 years of self-employment so you can transition out of your 9-5, find your purpose, and pursue your independently employed work in the world.  And if you want to be selected to be a national speaker, we do that too. : ) Together, we go step-by-step so you don’t have to dream anymore. In 2013 it definitely didn’t seem like I would ever have spoken at all, let alone over 40 times. This is E X A C T L Y why I do what I do – to teach you the steps to making your vision a reality. Those I work with get results because I’m on a mission to see more people fulfill on their visions as Non-Nine-to-Fivers. If I’ve done it, so can you. - Jen PS: I have learned that THE ONLY WAY to truly find your purpose, pursue your purpose, and leave the 9-5 is from taking diligent and radical actions.  This includes both inner actions - mindset and belief systems + outer practical actions - systems and processes.  Having spent 9 years of NOT being in a 9-5 and teaching others how to do exactly what I have done, I know WHAT IT TAKES.   EMAIL ME NOW to GET THE STEPS:

Before working with Jen I didn't have a business and had no idea where to start.  My confidence and motivation were seriously lacking too.  Through Jen's teachings I brought on my first several clients in just a few months!! - Haley

The work I have done with Jen has given me such confidence that I left my full-time job and am now focusing on my business 100%! - Therese

If it wasn’t for the work I did with Jen I would have never have mustered up the energy and confidence to leave my full-time job and pursue my passion for the wellness industry. - Melissa


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