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you voted?

This week the entire United States began early voting for our presidential election.

As constituents the way for us to use our voices is to vote.  It is our duty as citizens to vote. The same holds true for your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose . . .

It is your duty to pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose or else you are remaining silent.

Each day you ignore, pretend, dumb down, or hide from your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose is another day of not speaking up, not using your voice, and not exercising your right to create on your own terms.

When you use your voice you are:

  • Able to create change

  • A leader (not a follower)

  • Standing for what you believe in

When you are not using your voice you are:

  • Stuck 

  • A follower and going along with the crowd

  • Sitting down on the sidelines 

Just as we use our voice with our vote we must use our voice to stand up and pursue our Non-Nine-to-Five purpose. If you know you are meant to be a successfully independently employed person who is as creative problem solver and loves helping others on her (or his) own terms then the place to be is truly The Non-Nine-to-Five™. The support and teachings I offer are rigorous, high-level, are for those who are committed to their growth and development, and take a true commitment to change so make no mistake I do not offer typical coaching programs . . . my programs are for you IF you are willing to do the real work AND you know it is finally time to use your voice. Isn't it time you used your voice? See you at the polls, Jen PS: If you sense it is time to use your voice and to show up I am just an email away and would love to hear from you:


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