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your wishes are granted

Earlier this week my meditation practice brought in a parable known as, “The Wishing Tree” where a doubtful man is walking through a forest and ends up stumbling on a magical tree.

The man makes 3 wishes and all come true. However, upon getting what he asks for he doubts the gifts he has received saying he’s not lucky and this can’t happen to him. As he says this, everything he wished for disappears. In turn, he goes back to his doubts and worrying about his many troubles.

The path of self-employment will most likely bring you doubt and worry. You will question your abilities and you will wonder if you can truly create your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose.

In The Non-Nine-to-Five™ teachings I refer to feelings of doubt and inability as “low-level” energies. Low-level energies are inevitable at some point of the Non-Nine-to-Five journey BUT . . .

Imagine that just as fast as these low-level energies pop up, they melt away?

Imagine completely eradicating self-doubt, second guessing yourself, anxiety, and perfectionism (to name a few).

Within The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Programs I teach very easy to use tools and methodologies to re-train the mind so that low level energies simply melt away.

And remember, I was once a woman who was plagued by massive depression, paralyzed by fear, and never thought I was good enough to EVER truly be successfully self-employed.

If I have re-trained my mind, so can you.

There is a community of Non-Nine-to-Fivers re-training their minds waiting for you to join them, a group of women (men are welcome too) who are doing this real inner work and eradicating their low-level energies as they create self-employment success.

Won’t you join us?

Seeing your low-level energies melting away,


PS: Here is what Yasmin shares about her experience with Non-Nine-to-Five coaching and support:

Having Jen’s support in place has encouraged me every step of the way and has been keeping me accountable to stick with my commitments. Where previously I felt stuck starting my coaching business and lacked confidence, I am more inclined to talk about my work and have potential clients who are open to investing in my services. I recommend Jen and The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs because you have a community that offers support, love, guidance, and tools to help you move forward with your passion and purpose.


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