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Recently I brought 3 high level Non-Nine-to-Five clients together for an evening of masterminding (and silliness as seen in our photo).

Before we gathered, I had each of them do some introspective prep work . . . 

I found something very interesting BUT not COINCIDENTAL...each marked TRUE to:

You tend to "zip" around on a daily basis within your life and in your business, meaning you move from one thing to the next, sometimes forgetting what you just did, sometimes going "unconscious," sometimes feeling flustered, frustrated or annoyed, sometimes feeling like there is "too much on your plate," and not enough time.

Do you ever feel like this?  Zipping around from one thing to the next, feeling bouts of frustration and annoyance?

If yes, you are experiencing what I define as ZIPPING energy

When we are ZIPPING we have gone unconscious and the ego mind is in the drivers seat. It’s like being a hamster in a wheel or dinging and binging like a pinball in a pinball machine.

However, if we are accessing our intuition diligently, consistently, AND consciously this WILL all look vastly different.

Personally, I am CONSTANTLY checking in as I move from one task to another asking myself questions like: 

“Is this what is needed right now?”“Does it make sense to be doing ___ right now?”“Where does my time and energy need to be right now?”

And then I allow my intuition to take the driver’s seat and show me where to go.

The Non-Nine-to-Fiver’s I work with are also ALL practicing this.  In fact I introduced a new high level tool that I created (and I use) to this special mastermind group that COMPLETELY SLOWS down ZIPPING, and SPEEDS UP ACCES TO YOUR INTUITION. . . leaving you feeling more peaceful and being more productive.

Do you want to activate more productivity in your Non-Nine-to-Five mission driven work?  Or will you stay a slave to ye ol' hamster wheel of death/pinball binging and dinging around?

Please share with me what your choice is.  I’d love to know!


PS: 🐹+ 🕹= 💀  PPS: or you can : )


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