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a quick fix

I don’t know about you but so many times when I’ve felt down and out in life I desperately wanted a quick fix (like when I ended my relationship with my ex-boyfriend 2 years ago, boy did I want the heartache to just stop).

Unfortunately, human beings aren't designed for quick fixes.

I also firmly believe that anything that is worth creating and experiencing takes time.

Here are some examples that come to my mind:

Marriage – Marriage is a union that must be nurtured over the years where 2 people are weathering the ups and downs together and (hopefully) working on themselves too.

Education – learning is an ongoing process that takes time. Remember when you were a kid and you were learning how to tie your shoe laces or ride a bike? It took time.

Busines - Finding, Creating, and Pursuing your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose is a journey. It can't be done in 1 day or 1 year. You have to truly be willing to stay committed.

This is the exact reason why The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs I have thoughtfully and diligently designed are not a “1 shot deal.”

Sure there are books you can read, podcasts you can listen to, videos you can watch, and week long courses you can take but to truly experience consistent success you must be willing to be in process.

If you believe in long term support, value personal and professional growth, are willing to be open and learn then yay you! You are already ahead of the curve.

I currently have several yearlong commitments in place for myself with multiple mentors and coaches because I am dedicated to growth and to the process of creating success in all areas of life.

The question is: how dedicated are you?

With Dedication to the process,


PS: If you are ready to dedicate yourself to the process and experience a massive shift from 9-5 to Non-Nine-to-Five fill out your application here.

PSS: The Non-Nine-to-Fivers I work with are committed to the process. Here is what Jen (no, not me haha) recently shared:

Through my work with Jen and The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs I've been able to develop more consistent habits, as well as tune into my intuition to guide me into a new business. I am also learning to celebrate the small victories which normally I would overlook. I am now more self aware and able to see my patterns and limiting beliefs and go deeper. I am also more committed to creating the life that I want for myself. Jen's experience and insight in life and business coupled with her ability to intuitively guide, makes her very effective. I see how she shows up and it inspires me to show up for myself and my business.


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