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are you ordinary?

I’m reading a fantastic book where the man character, Ordinary realizes that in order to pursue his “Big Dream” he has to leave the comforts of his home, family, and town. As he begins his journey, he starts off excited, envisioning all of the amazing things he will experience with his Big Dream but after awhile grows tired and sad. Remembering the comforts of home, he stops moving forward and starts moving backward. As he does, he hears the voice of “The Dream Giver” asking him why he is going back. Ordinary replies, “Because, I’m afraid! . . . if I was supposed to do this Big Dream, then I’m sure I wouldn’t’ feel so afraid!” The Dream Giver tells Ordinary that he would certainly feel afraid. Feeling dissatisfied with The Dream Giver’s answer he begs him to take his fears away. “If you don’t, I can’t go on!” he yells. The Dream Giver simply replies, “Yes, you can. Take Courage, Ordinary.”

When there is something we want that feels bigger than ourselves it will ALWAYS take courage, risk, and exiting our comfort zone. When there is something we want that feels bigger than ourselves the ONLY way to get to the other side is to move through the fear. When we know we are meant to be successfully self-employed we must move forward or else we risk our dream remaining, just a dream. We ALWAYS have a choice though. We can commit to what we SAY we want or . . . NOT. When I created The Non-Nine-to-Five™ almost 8 years ago I knew I was meant to help others move forward and NOT backward AND the only way I was going to create successful self-employment was moving forward myself which meant committing, taking consistent actions, and having patience. If you (or someone you know) is meant to be successfully self-employed providing a service or product to support others please go ahead and fill out an application (or send your friend the link). You will then hear directly from me to set up a private call so we can explore your next best steps together. Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed, - Jen PS: I only have 3 slots left for private calls in July so if you’re ready to move forward, ready to give up being ordinary, and you're done with sliding backward, fill out your application now. PPS: Celebrations from our Non-Nine-to-Five community forum keep pouring in, just like Jessicas. You can just feel the confidence in her words!

I secured 2 new opportunities teaching yoga! I wanted them and got them! I see them as great opportunities to create community interaction and build networks. The next step is creating events (2 in the pipeline) and creating MY OWN retreat - which scares me to death - but I WANT it.


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