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does💰REALLY = success?

Do you equate money with success?

Do you feel successful when . . .

You see your bank account grow?

You buy a new pair of shoes?

You sign on a new client?

You receive a raise?

The notion that money makes you successful both runs rampant in our culture and is a huge misconception.

I was having a bit of a challenging day and NOT feeling successful when I received a message from a colleague out of the blue that said:

“Hey Jen, your resilience has always really inspired me. Your vulnerability with money challenges has helped me so much and makes me feel less alone.”

It totally lit me up AND led me to contemplating what success REALLY is.

When we step out of our comfort zones, pursue what is in our hearts, take leaps of faith, share vulnerably with those around us, not only do we benefit massively but so do others.

Now, isn’t THIS success?!

I know I feel it is.

<<First Name>>, if you have a deep desire to pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose you are meant to. You are meant to impact the lives of others with your uniqueness outside of a 9-5 job!

Being successful is not reflection of your bank account, it’s a reflection of your willingness to pursue what is in your heart. Well, to me it is anyway.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S: The women I work with are impacting the lives of others. They are doing it through therapy/healing work, food, taking care of those who are falling on hard times, and even travel.

If you have something stirring inside of you that you are meant to pursue please hit reply to this email and let me know what that passion is. If you keep it inside of you no one will benefit.


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