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Updated: Jun 2, 2019

How is your calendaring going since you last heard from me? Have you been craving downtime?   Maybe just sitting and reading a book, maybe going for a walk, watching your favorite Netflix show, going to sing karaoke, having dinner with friends, painting, etc. I want to share with you today what my mentor taught me is the MOST important part of calendaring because without it you will go straight to burnout. My mentor calls this TIME OFF.  It’s just what it says – taking time for yourself off from your business.  Taking time to nourish yourself, replenish yourself in a way that feels good so you can step back into your business ready to go. Recently, I too some dedicated time off.

Comedy is something that I am very connected to.  I love Netflix stand up comedy specials, I love seeing live stand up, and I enjoy the act of making others laugh.  So earlier this year I made the commitment to take stand up comedy classes and then I performed a 5 minute set in front of a full audience of 60 people.

The way to take time off from your work, from your day to day is to be in action around it and plug it in. Every single comedy class I took + my performance equaled over 24 hours of plugged in calendar time.  I made my time off with stand up a priority because I wasn’t willing to let it fall to the wayside.  I love comedy and this was something I was DYING to do just for the sake of doing it!  Diving deep into this stand up comedy commitment provided rejuvenation to fully show up for my work with my clients, my marketing, my speaking engagements - because I gave myself dedicated time off. I had fun and I played. Are you taking time off for yourself?  Are you playing and having fun?  Or are you just running from one thing to another?  I teach the Non-Nine-to-Fivers I work with how to be strategic with this so it doesn’t just fall off because if it does, chances are your business mission will fall off too. Embracing Time Off, Jen PS: Want to see my 1st ever Stand Up Set?  (NOTE: not child friendly)   Click here: JENS STAND UP PPS: If you’re craving time away from your day to day but feel guilty about it or aren’t really sure how you can create this please reach out to me: and lets connect privately.


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