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i'm grateful for our connection

Earlier this week I found myself in a bit of a low space.  I was feeling frustrated and down (VERY common feelings for Non-Nine-to-Five Mission Driven Entrepreneurs).

I was also feeling a bit “babyish.”  Do you ever feel this way?  It’s this combination of frustration and thoughts flying through your head to the tune of: What is wrong with me? Why does this keep happening? Why can’t I get this right already? (insert WAHH WAHH WAHH here)

And as these thoughts were flying through my head I simultaneously read an email from my mentor in which she wrote, “Grateful for our connection, Jen.”

And in that moment I thought, “I am too.  I am grateful for you and your support.” And then IT HAPPENED! I got a hit of inspiration.  My intuition kicked right in and it told me to call all of the Non-Nine-to-Five Mission Driven Entrepreneurs I work with and let them know how grateful I am for them.

So, I stopped everything I was doing, pulled up everyone’s telephone numbers and called each one.

Beth picked up and said to me, “I feel like I could cry.  I’m grateful for you too.” Kelsey called me back later and said, “You just made my day.  Thank you.”

And the others received my voicemail. Because I followed this inspirational intuitive hit my low feelings VANISHED.

TRUTH: We can shift our thoughts and our feelings in an instant. AN INSTANT! How does this apply to growing your Non-Nine-to-Five Mission Driven Business? Think about it: if you haven’t been building a successful business and you’re unsure where to turn to or go, or you feel stuck and disheartened about how to move forward IF you truly have deep access to your intuition AND you feel confident in following your intuition NO MATTER WHAT, you have MASSIVE POSSIBILITIES to create exactly what you want! Why do you think I teach intuition at the core of my programs?  To teach you how to soar, how to create exactly what it is you want, and have a business you love.

I’m grateful for you taking time to read my emails and for our connection.  : )

Happy Thanksgiving,

- Jen


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