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i quit

For over a decade, I’ve taken “breaks” from consuming alcohol . . . 30 days here, 2 weeks there, all due to my intuition gently nudging me with questions:

Why do I REALLY drink?

What good is alcohol REALLY?

Why does it seem like I'm always expected to drink?

And then seven months ago I quit.

My intuition had been nudging me for some time to stop so I did.

When I quit my paycheck every other week, health benefits teaching job I went against the norm.

When I quit drinking last year I went against the norm.

When I made these decisions I followed my intuition. I listened to my heart. I didn’t allow myself to go against my deep inner guidance no matter what.

When you get a deep inner call to take an action, to move in a certain direction you are getting this call for a reason.

You can absolutely choose to ignore it OR you can listen, follow, allow it to guide you and if you do, you will have experiences far richer, deeper, and beyond your wildest dreams. You have my word on this.

If you are among the brave and the willing to answer the call and pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose please click the link so we can connect and you can be supported on your journey.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S.: Katie is following the call. Check out what she shared about our full day Community Wide Training that I led just a few weeks ago:

“Our Summer Community Wide Training was a very inspiring and transformative experience! It brought me a lot of awareness about my relationship with money, which stems from my thoughts that “I’m not good enough.” I am also taking away that when I worked my 9-5 as a school social worker, I didn’t make enough to save money, and I was mostly living paycheck to paycheck. There was a financial ceiling at that job and there were no opportunities for promotion. I’m realizing even more how my Non-Nine-to-Five journey doesn’t have a ceiling for abundance and is much more based on living by faith, not just by sight. It’s about aligning with the Universe and aligning with an abundance mindset, so I can have enough to support myself, my family, and my community!”

P.P.S: The Non-Nine-to-Five™ is a relationship-based business. This means I treasure referrals that come from people I am connected to. If you already are successfully self-employed please email me and CC a woman you know would be a fantastic match so she too can answer the call.


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