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i sent it back 🤢

This Monday I celebrated my 41st birthday with some friends at a restaurant I love.

I was SO excited for my entrée but the moment I took my first bite it tasted like an entire salt shaker was dumped onto my scallops and the French fries had been thrown into a freezer before serving them.

I immediately and kindly told the waitress and she whisked them away.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t eat salty scallops and ice-cold fries either, right?

Just like I’m sure you wouldn’t stay in a toxic or abusive relationship, right?

Then you certainly would not stay at a job that you don’t want to be at or do work you don't love, right?

Unfortunately, SO MANY Non-Nine-to-Fivers DO stay at their job even though they are NOT happy.

Non-Nine-to-Fivers will even tell me that their job they DO NOT LIKE provides them with:

A Steady Paycheck

A Sense of Stability

A Sense of Comfort

BUT, is this REALLY true?

Is it more purposeful to live a sub-par life with a steady paycheck then to get uncomfortable and create the self-employed, Non-Nine-to-Five work that is in your heart?

When I sent the salty scallops and ice-cold fries back I received: 

  • Hot fries

  • Scallops taken off the bill

  • Appetizer taken off the bill

  • 4 decadent desserts on the house! 

Simply because I REFUSED a sub-par meal AND I TOOK ACTION.

The choice is yours: salty scallops or the possibility of decadent desserts.

If you are choosing decadent desserts, then I URGE you to take this very important action and register for The Non-Nine-to-Five™ Masterclass that I will be teaching this December . . . 

Master Your Inner GPS: How to Commit to Your Non-9-5 Purpose (in just 2 key steps!)


Friday, December 11th 11:00am CST – 2:00pm CST


Private Virtual Classroom (You will receive the link prior to class)


Master Your Inner GPS: How to Commit to Your Non-9-5 Purpose (in just 2 key steps!) - I will be teaching in-depth curriculum along with a 2 Step Process that I have NOT taught before that will have you commit FULLY to your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose.


  • 1 Payment of $97 


  • 1 Payment of $97 AND bring a friend for FREE.  Bring a friend as your plus 1 at no additional investment!! 


Seating is limited to keep this class intimate so don’t delay.

NO salty scallops or ice-cold fries allowed,

- Jen

PS: Bring a friend for FREE!  Your $97 tuition will reserve a space for both you and a friend.  If you’re not sure who to bring just yet, no worries – get your seat reserved by registering and then take some time to decide you who you’d like to bring!

PPS: If you have any questions go ahead and reserve your seat and I'll get ALL of your questions answered.


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