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i will be damned

At our Winter Community Wide Training the other week I shared a very vulnerable and raw piece of audio. In September 2013 a woman looked at me and said, “Jen, we see a lot of potential in you.” The moment those words touched my ears I felt enraged. “I will be damned if I live a life full of potential.” That night I processed my feelings and my thoughts out loud, recording every word I said. I was standing at a crossroads. I could continue to be a woman WITH potential, or I could make a radical choice to LIVE, to EXCEED my potential and choose to put my heart and my soul into transforming myself and becoming successfully self-employed. When I played the audio some of my clients were crying, others couldn’t believe it was me (my voice sounded very different), and others shared that by listening to it they could see themselves in me. I am going to share 2 minutes of that audio with you as an act of vulnerability and as an act of, “If I can do it, so can you.”

At The Non-Nine-to-Five™ we take an inner and outer approach to successful self-employment. The inner focuses on your mindset, your relationship to your intuition, how you feel about yourself, what you tell yourself you don’t think you are capable of and we literally re-wire ALL of it. The outer approach is the practical steps of successful self-employment from getting clear on your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose to how to craft your Non-Nine-to-Five message, to how to have a heart and soul selling conversation with a potential client. If what I shared here resonates with you know that my hand is held out to you. Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed, - Jen P.S: Click here for the raw and real 2-minute audio.


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