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idiot sandwich

In a recent episode of Hell on Wheels (a Gordon Ramsay show I’m obsessed with) he spoke with two restaurant owners.

Jeni owns a little café tucked away on a quiet side street and her business is booming.

Jeff has a modern beautiful 3 story space on Main Street and he’s losing 5k per month.

The difference between Jeni and Jeff?

Jeni is fully committed to her business and her community.  Jeni is at her little café everyday, talking with customers, helping her staff, and being fully seen for the passionate café owner she is.  

Jeff is only at his restaurant twice a week.  No one sees him, his energy is elsewhere, and he is completely bewildered.

You can say you want to be independently employed, you can dabble in it, you can take a few actions, and you can certainly read all of the books and listen to all of the podcasts . . . 

BUT, none of these equates to commitment.

Commitment is more than a word, it’s more than 1 action.  Commitment takes grit, passion, radical action and letting people see you (which I do realize can feel really scary).

When I first started my business I was terrified I might offend someone, say the wrong thing, be judged, come off as pushy, or be disliked.  

What I’ve learned is that in order to be committed you have to go beyond the fears, the worries, the doubts, and concerns and you have to lead with your heart, your gut, your soul.

If there ever was a time to throw your hands in the air and surrender yourself over to commitment IT IS RIGHT NOW.  

Unemployment is at 30 million, over 90,000 deaths due to covid in the United States . . . 

THE TIME IS RIGHT NOW. . . AND you do not need to do it alone, worry about what steps to take, or fear the unknown because that is where I come in.

I teach you how to make the shift from employee to entrepreneur.

I teach you how to move through your fears, worries, doubts, concerns

I join you in your Non-Nine-to-Five vision and what you want in your life.

Are you ready to join me?  I'm an email away - 

With Non-Nine-to-Five Love,


PS: In case you were wondering - Idiot Sandwich is a phrase Gordon Ramsay called a participant on one of his shows.

PSS: Don’t be an idiot sandwich!  JK!


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