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it's time to get real

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

This time we are ALL going through right now is not a time to hide out.  It is not a time to curl up in a ball and wish this would all be over.

This time we are ALL going through right now is not a time to PRETEND you have it ALL together.  It’s not a time to make yourself believe “Oh I’ve got this.”

This time we are ALL going through ISnot a time to BE THE BEST, BE THE COOLEST, BE THE TOP, BE THE CRÈME DE LA CRÈME, BE #1 . . . no way.

It’s a time to ASK for support

It’s a time to be real

It’s a time to be vulnerable


So, lets get REAL RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE . . . 

What kind of life do you want moving forward from this point on?

If you are someone who has recently lost your job due to COVID-19, been furloughed, or your taking time to really evaluate your life . . .

there is a reason WHY you are reading this RIGHT NOW.

You know deep down you were NEVER EVER meant for a 9-5 job.  You’ve known this for years BUT your fear has gotten the best of you and you have lost sight of what REALLY MATTERS – doing purposeful and fully aligned work in the world ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

COVID-19 isn’t going away tomorrow or next week or likely even next month and when it does our world is going to be very different.  With this, you have the opportunity to create what it is you TRULY WANT – doing work on your own that is fulfilling, helps others, and allows you the freedom you have been craving for quite some time.

If what I shared here resonates with you I URGE you to email me RIGHT AWAYto connect and schedule a private call with meso you can share what it is you REALLY want and we can lay down some potential next best steps for you and see if the work I do is a match for you.


If you have a sense there is someone you know that needs to hear this PLEASE reach out to them and share this message with them.

It’s time to stop putting everything else in front of your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose.  It’s time to take action and it’s time you ASK for support in taking this action.

My door is open and My hand is open


PS: Today is our last Friday in April we will be coming together for 6 Minutes of Support.  

Join us today 10:30am CENTRAL (11:30am EASTERN/8:30am PACIFIC) to give yourself the gift of receiving a high level of support where I will be speaking and teaching about RADICAL ACTION. You will not want to miss this 6 Minute Community Support Activation Call!


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