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making the decision

Last week I was reading a blog article that shared the most profound piece of information (IMO).

The author wrote:

“Changing your mind when you know yourself and your abilities better is not failure: it's progress, and it's wisdom.”

Let’s say for example you have been in business 15 years, yet something in you is nudging you to make a change, perhaps sell the business, start a new business, or maybe even let the business go and find a job.

Let’s also say the nudge keeps showing up. You think it’s weird that it keeps showing up because why would you sell your business or go find a job YET the nudge continues whispering to you each day.

When you know yourself through and through, know how to discern your intuition from fear, know what your skills and strengths are this is where wisdom comes into play.

I want to be very clear here - making a decision to leave a business or a job that you have been at and are comfortable with is DIFFICULT. It is a difficult decision to make!

BUT, when you allow yourself to follow intuitive nudges (side-note: intuitive nudges are not fear based. They will absolutely drum up some fear, yet they do not come with a deep sense of dread AND they will absolutely nudge you in a quiet and consistent way.) and recognize that they are coming to you for a reason, you can actually relax into them, follow them, knowing that if you weren’t meant to go in that direction you would not be receiving the nudge.

So much of successful self-employment (or success with anything really) is a deep knowing of yourself and a listening, leaning into, and following your intuition.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S: Do you have a knowing that you are meant to discern fear from intuition?

Do you have a sense that you are meant to master your intuition?

If YES, please reach out to me so we can see if the work we do on intuition at The Non-Nine-to-Five™ is a match for you.


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