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no toes allowed!

I recently came across the below photo taken in August 2009.  I was on my way to my very first day of teaching.

I was super excited to start making a difference in the lives of children!

I was also elated by my outfit.  I felt it really ticked the “1st grade teacher look” box.

Have you ever experienced an “I’m so in love with my outfit I’m wearing, I feel super duper confident” feeling that just leaves you smiling from ear to ear?  I’m sure you have.

Unfortunately, my smile and 2 thumbs up pose in this photo only lasted so long because of one small (but what felt SO LARGE to me) issue.

By the end of that first day I was told, “No open toe shoes allowed.”

I can completely appreciate a dress code BUT as a Non-Nine-to-Fiver being told what I can and cannot wear just feels so off to me.

I’ve been self-employed almost 10 years and I can’t imagine having anyone telling me how to dress.

When I give speaking engagements I choose my own outfit.

When I have VIP Days with clients I choose my own outfit.

When I have meetings I choose my own outfit.

Non-Nine-to-Fivers have a deep need to express themselves fully and completely.

When you are a fully self-employed/independently employed person in your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose you make ALL of the decisions.  Yes, even including whether you’re going to wear open toe shoes or not.

If being told what you can and cannot wear to get your job done or any other stipulation that doesn’t make sense, I invite you to take a step (shoes or no shoes) and apply for our Fall 2020 Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort (The EEC) while enrollment is still open!  Here’s how:

  1. Click this link and fill out The EEC application EEC Application

  2. I will personally review your application.

  3. If it makes sense for us to connect, I will contact you directly so we can see if The EEC is a match for you.

In support of you wearing WHATEVER you want,


PS: The Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort is a 12-week intimate group program full of like minded community support - here's the application again: EEC Application

Hearing about the Non-Nine-to-Five successes of my fellow EEC cohort members feels really good because I know we're all in this journey together and that there's so much more ahead for all of us. It's really so satisfying and inspiring to see people going through their journey, and to see all the growth, both big and small. - Nicole, Non-Nine-to-Five Virtual English Coaching Business


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