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open for a very touchy topic

Next month I am leading the entire Non-Nine-to-Five community in our Summer Community Wide Training . . .

Money Mindset: Creating Financial Abundance with Mindset Abundance

Money is a topic that can elicit all sorts of feelings...

When you “have” money you feel happy, joyful, excited.

When you “don’t have” money you feel scared, overwhelmed, frustrated.

Money can be seen as freedom and it can be seen as the root of all evil.

No matter which way you put it money is a very touchy topic.

If you are someone who knows deep down, she is meant to blaze the self-employment trail and make a difference in the lives of others with your unique ideas, strengths, and skills you are meant to make money doing it!

Is it easy to make money overnight being self-employed? NO.

Will money magically drop into your bank account once you decide to become self-employed? NO.

Can you go from consistent paycheck at a 9-5 job to consistent income from your self-employed purpose? YES.

Will it take commitment and consistency to create this? YOU BETCHA.

It is also well worth it AND you are absolutely meant to generate money doing work that comes from your heart and soul.

BUT, if you don’t REALLY believe to your core that you are meant for abundance it will be a hard road.

There is still that ONE spot left on my May calendar to connect privately for a 1-Hour Clarity Call.

If you feel a deep calling to be self-employed then APPLY HERE for the very last May spot to connect with me privately so we can see if the path of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ is for you.

AND, if it is you will be with us for our Summer Community Wide Training, Money Mindset: Creating Financial Abundance with Mindset Abundance - YAY!

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen

P.S: Honor your deep calling to be self-employed and APPLY HERE for THE LAST May Call spot.


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