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she made it!

Do you just have a knowing?

Do you just have a feeling?

That you are meant to be self-employed?

That you are meant to help others AND do it on your own?

Do you tell yourself . . . 

"It would just be easier if I could stay in a 9-5 job though!"

BUT each time you try to convince yourself that the 9-5 is the safer and easier option you are brought back to this strong KNOWING, strong FEELING that you are meant to find and pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose.

If this resonates, then you are meant to follow the call and you are a Non-Nine-to-Fiver.

I was asked on a recent podcast interview: 

"How does a person know that they are meant to be a Non-Nine-to-Fiver?"

Click here to listen to a 1 minute snippet of my answer.

Click below to listen to the full length in-depth podcast interview.



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