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so rude!

The other evening I was at an event talking to a colleague about beginning to intentionally bring comedy into my speaking engagements.  I made a comment saying, “Well, we'll see how funny I'll really be.” Another woman chimed in and began giving me advice about my comedy infused speaking...

I tried to get a few words in and let her know I have support with my comedy but she wasn’t listening to anything coming out of my mouth and she just kept going! Oh boy . . . I was starting to feel uncomfortable as she just barreled her thoughts and opinions out of her mouth and on to me offering various help. I finally said, “Thank you but I’m going to decline . . . " she stopped talking and her expression changed. And then it happened . . . my ego mind began to RAGE:

Why did you say that Jen?! That wasn’t nice!

Decline?!?  Who talks like that?!

That was so rude of you Jen! BUT . . . BUT . . . BUT I truly was just being honest and in the moment.  I wasn’t

interested so I was declining the offer. For those of us that are sensitive and deep-thinking mission driven entrepreneurs something as small as this interaction is enough to set us off for hours and even days . . .

The battle between my ego and my true self (my intuitive self) went on for hours, hence this newsletter! What I got is that it is of the highest good for myself AND others to always be authentic, upfront, and truthful.  In that moment I intuitively wanted to decline so I said exactly that. And while yes, her expression spoke a thousand words – that is not my problem at all.   It’s not easy to fully speak your truth 110% and be upfront because again, for those of us that are sensitive deep thinking deep feeling mission entrepreneurs we never knew that it’s OK or SAFE to be honest . . . we've always thought we should be quiet and just go along with it all. I'M NOT HOLDING BACK: It has taken years of deep re-wiring to speak my own truth and be upfront with others.  It can royally make things feel uncomfortable BUT it is well worth it.   Where are you holding back? What is the truth you want to speak or hell, shout out from the rooftop of a building?  We all have something . . . what’s yours? Declining Unsolicited Advice ; ) Jen PS: You don’t have to EVER take advice or opinions from others.  You always have the power to graciously decline.  Want to know more about how to do this in a high-level way? Please reach out to me: PPS: I did a FB Live video all about this earlier this week.  If you’re not FB friends with me go ahead and add me (search: Jen Shultz) BUT please be sure you send me a message first . . . I graciously decline unsolicited FB friend requests (and yes, I mean this).


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