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the most confronting thing ever

Starting a business is hands down one of THE MOST confronting things ever.

It’s so confronting that there are women who might dip their toe into starting a business, put some energy into a “side hustle” but WILL NEVER SEE IT THROUGH . . .

Because of a few reasons:

Fear of rejection

Lack of Confidence

Excuses that “sound like the truth”

Deep worry that you don’t know what will happen AKA not being able to predict the future

You know just as well as I do that we can’t predict what will happen in 10 seconds from now just as we can’t predict when we will take our last breath.

So, if we can’t predict the future where does that leave us?

Remaining in the same job?

Giving the same reasons and excuses as to why we CAN’T?

Allowing our fears, worries, and concerns to lead the way?

All I can say to this is, YUCK. What kind of life is that to live?

Luckily, there is High-Level support, rich teachings, guidance, helpful tools and systems, and a supportive community of highly intelligent and caring Non-Nine-to-Five women so you STAY THE COURSE . . .

Just like Jen who recently shared a beautiful celebration on our private online community forum: “I am super excited about this month! I have exceeded my sales goal of $2,000. I then upped my goal to $2,500 and exceeded that! I'm doing a happy dance over here.”

If you want to do a happy dance just like Jen and the other amazing women I am working with please go ahead and FILL OUT A CLARITY CALL APPLICATION. I will personally review it and get in touch with you to schedule a private call with me.

If you know the path to successful self-employment is for you, you’re willing to take action and do deep work, then you are one of very few who are willing to get uncomfortable and face confrontation head on.

Remember: you can BE your EXCUSES, or you can BE in ACTION.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,


P.S.: Wouldyou be so kind to share this with someone you know who is ready to take a stand for her Non-Nine-to-Five purpose? I would be so grateful! Here is the application link to pass on.


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