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the ONLY thing that's certain

I hope you are faring well during this exceptional time.  Know that I am open to connect in anyway to support you - email me

I recently heard something that is a MASSIVE and timely reminder about how we live our lives.  

I’m paraphrasing but here is what I heard:

Life is always uncertain.  

Everything in our lives is uncertain...

AND, what if we intrinsically knew that uncertainty is certain?

HOWEVER, when uncertain things happen our mind goes ballistic, our nervous system gets revved up, fear kicks in and we jump to worst case scenarios.

Add in: social media, the internet, TV, hearsay, rumors and this is a recipe for massive chaos and frenzy.

Right now as you read this your life is uncertain, COVID-19 is uncertain, what is going to happen in a minute from now is uncertain, where you will be on October 1st 2020 is uncertain . . . 

So how do you deal with UNCERTAINTY?

You trust yourself.

You listen deeply to your intuition, your gut, your inner hunches and you do it WITHOUT ASKing your family or friends or social media, or the internet.  You listen to what is inside of YOU without fear and that is how you deal and move forward.

This reminds me of 2010 . . . nothing was certain in my life when I quit my job BUT I listened deeply within and I followed my intuition’s guidance leading me to standing on my own two feet without a full-time job, independent contracting work, my first business Teacher on the Go, The Non-Nine-to-Five™.

This unprecedented time in our lives can actually be a catalyst to something greater and bigger and more meaningful and purposeful than we could ever imagine.  

Those of us who act with fortitude, with resilience, and tune into our creativity – boy, oh boy, mark my words you will be rewarded . . . maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month, maybe not in 3 months . . . butif you can be certain that nothing is certain and find calm within the storm there are big things on the horizon for you.  You have my word.

With Certain Uncertainty,


PS: FRIENDLY REMINDER: We are continuing 6 Minute Community Support Activation calls every Friday 10:30am CENTRAL during the month of April to support you on your Non-Nine-to-Five journey during this exceptional time in our lives.

Again, each Friday during the month of April I am leading 6 Minute Community Support Activation calls for grounding and supportive energy during this unprecedented time.  

I hope you will join us for 6 Minutes of high-level support by joining us on ZOOM (email me for the link) in your timezone below:





Hope to see you there every Friday in April.


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