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there is no CEO!

The definition of AUTONOMY is freedom from external control or influence; independence.

 If you have a deep desire to create successful self-employment you have a deep desire for autonomy.

When you have full autonomy, YOU are the creator. There is no CEO or manager to report to. It is 100% YOU.

When I worked both in the entertainment industry and as a teacher, I began to realize just how essential autonomy was for me to thrive ESPECIALLY because I witnessed first-hand:

  • High levels of dishonesty

  • Quid pro quo behavior

  • Rules and regulations that made ZERO sense

BUT I was the employee, not the CEO. I was TOLD what to do versus doing what I knew in my heart was the best thing to do.

Being an employee taught me that if my vision was not the organization’s, the only way forward was to create it myself.


Being an employee will teach you that if your vision is not the organization’s, the only way forward will be to create it yourself.

Creating successful self-employment is not for everyone BUT if you crave autonomy, if you know the organization’s vision you work for does not align with yours, if you have ever said, “I could do a much better job at this," the self-employment path may very well be for you.

What do you want 2024 to look like for you?

Beholden to the organization or creating what is in you heart via a unique-to-you service based business?

Please fill out a Clarity Call Application if you are ready to experience unbridled autonomy and create a unique-to-you service based business, positively impacting the lives of others.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed,

- Jen


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