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“I get scared of the cynicism that could result from people really believing in something and then it not working out.”

This quote really struck me as I intently watched Knock Down the House – a documentary featuring 4 women running for congress and their stories.  It was spoken by Alexandria Cortez Ocasio, a young Latina woman hailing from The Bronx (The Bronx was also the last place I worked as a 9-5r).

It struck me because my mind instantly related it to being a mission driven entrepreneur who knows she is not meant for the 9-5. When we step out and into what we are most passionate about and we can feel it in our bodies, in our bones, in our hearts that we are here on a mission greater than ourselves and we see ourselves serving and supporting others with our work it can feel SO SCARY and impossible. Fear is activated because we don’t know what the future holds which leads to a barrage of WHAT Ifs. We don’t know if we can actually make a difference.  We don’t know if financially everything will blow up in our faces.  We don’t know even if we believe in something so fiercely if it will actually work out the way we envision it to. What Alexandria was sharing was her own WHAT IF worry - What if I really go out into my community, fight for what I know is right, fight for creating real change and I FAIL? So here’s the skinny: I really want you to take this in because the moment you read it there is a hell of a good chance your ego mind is going to say something like, “yeah right.” Failure is impossible. The only time we can EVER fail is when we give up.  The only time we can EVER fail is when we throw in the towel.  The only time we can EVER fail is when we stop.  The only time we can EVER fail is when we ALLOW cynicism, limiting beliefs, our ego mind to completely take over and run the show. If you stay the course of creating what you know you are meant to create in the world and you stay the course of following your mission driven work YOU WILL NOT FAIL. I guarantee it. I have stayed the course as the Founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five because I have immense support backing me, I dive deep into learning in a way many would never even think of, I am fully committed to my own growth so that way I can teach and guide Non-Nine-to-Fivers to stay the course themselves.   I don’t know about you but I’m pretty clear I have one life on this planet, and when my one life is over I will be damned if my tombstone reads “HAD POTENTIAL.” Hell no.   And if you are on the same page as me I urge you to reach out to me so we can connect. I’M NOT HOLDING BACK HERE: You need to know that the work I teach is for you ONLY if you are a mission driven entrepreneur who deeply values support and is fully committed to staying the course.  If you’re not, this is NOT for you.

On a Mission, Jen



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