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toughing it out?

A friend of mine recently reached out to ask me if I knew any dating/relationship coaches I could put him in touch with.

And he said something interesting:

“When I want to improve at a physical activity, I have no qualms with getting outside help, and will do so with only minor hesitation. Why, then, do I feel the need to "tough it out" when struggling with social or emotional stuff?”

Well, we are conditioned to only get “help” with things that are deemed “OK” to get help with.

It’s OK to go to school and get help from traditional teachersand it’s OK to get help from your soccer coach, and it’s OK to get help from your dentist or doctor.

But . . .

  • What if you feel stuck at a miserable 9-5 job?

  • What if you are totally and utterly bored at your 9-5 job?

  • What if you find yourself daydreaming over and over of running your own business?

Who do you turn to then? Do you just “tough it out?”

When I created The Non-Nine-to-Five™ I did it for one reason: to teach and coach you how to quit your job, stand on your own two feet without your job, and find/pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose.

I guess that's technically 3 but you get the point. : )

The Non-Nine-to-Five™ exists so you can do the work you are called to do and pursue your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose and no longer "tough it out."

This is why I am teaching a Masterclass on exactly this that I want you to be a part of and the deadline to register is Monday, December 7th...

Master Your Inner GPS: How to Commit to Your Non-9-5 Purpose (in just 2 key steps!)


Friday, December 11th 11:00am CST – 2:00pm CST (deadline to register is Monday, December 7th)


Private Virtual Classroom (You will receive the link prior to class)


Master Your Inner GPS: How to Commit to Your Non-9-5 Purpose (in just 2 key steps!) - I will be teaching in-depth curriculum along with a 2 Step Process that I have NOT taught before that will have you commit FULLY to your Non-Nine-to-Five Purpose.


  • 1 Payment of $97


  • 1 Payment of $97 AND bring a friend for FREE. Bring a friend as your plus 1 at no additional investment!!


Deadline to register is Monday, December 7th and seating is limited so please don’t delay.

Can't wait to see you in class!

- Jen

PS: Please stop "toughing it out."

I highly encourage you to do what needs to be done to put yourself in this class.

Let your boss know, your colleagues know, your family know you will be way for these 3 sacred hours.

Schedule any appointments you might have coming up on a different day and give yourself this gift - get your seat reserved by registering.

PPS: If you have any questions just go ahead and reserve your seat and I'll get ALL of your questions answered.


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