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weathering the storm

On Monday morning I woke up to 20 degrees and 8 inches of TEXAS.

A few hours later my power went out.

When it got unbearably cold, I got in my car with my sweet dog Hunny and thawed out.

That night I slept on the couch layered up with Hunny only to wake up the next morning still without power and 10 degrees. So, we got back in the car with my phone for 2 hours and did what needed to be done to communicate to clients and colleagues what was happening so I could weather this storm appropriately.

Along my self-employment journey I’ve learned that we must be willing to weather a heck of a lot of storms if we have a deep desire to be successfully self-employed.

One storm in particular that will show up time and time again is the “Limiting Belief” storm that lives in our minds.

Your mind will tell you that even though you hate your job (for example), even though it’s unfulfilling, even though you work in a toxic environment; that it is safe, secure, and comfortable.

Your mind will tell you that if you leave your job:

  • You will be unsafe and uncomfortable without it

  • You can’t get health insurance

  • You won’t be able to live the lifestyle you really want

But, none of this is true. These are just thoughts, just limiting beliefs.

The storm in our minds is one of the most critical storms that we must be working through diligently, consistently, and with commitment in order to become successfully self-employed.

In the Non-Nine-to-Five programs I teach EXACTLY how to work through and be resilient through limiting belief storms through a step by step process I use myself.

If you’re tired of your limiting belief storms I invite you to fill out this application so we can see which of The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs is a match for you and get to work on eradicating your limiting beliefs.

If you are already successfully self-employed please share the link with someone you know.

Seeing you Weathering the Storm,



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