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The other day I had coffee with my friend Jeremy, a brilliant entrepreneur who works with those who have gone through addiction recovery. He supports them with entrepreneurial and creative endeavors. During our conversation we were sharing all about our business and personal journeys. At one point he remarked “you have such grounded energy.” I smiled really big and truly took in this acknowledgement. I wasn’t grounded 10 years ago. I wasn’t even grounded 7 years ago when I started my business. BUT I have diligently worked on bringing myself to a grounded energetic space through 3 keys:


I teach these 3 keys in The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs because I know without them the road from 9-5 to grounded Non-Nine-to-Five will be a tricky one. WILLINGNESS, COMMITTMENT, and CONSISTENCY lead to groundedness. Groundedness leads to:

  • Confidence no matter what

  • Focus no matter what

  • Pursuing your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose no matter what

Which leads to:

  • Doing the work you know in your heart you are meant to do

  • Attracting your ideal clients and customers

  • Generating an abundance of income

If you can see the power in being WILLING, COMMITTED, and CONSISTENT then I want to invite you to something very special... I will be facilitating and leading THE VERY LAST Employee to Entrepreneur Cohort (EEC) Group Program in early 2021 with a very special focus on:


Here are just a few of the New Year 2021 EEC Group Program details:

  • Intimate and Intentional Zoom Calls with a high-level focus on WILLINGNESS, COMMITMENT, and CONSISTENCY

  • Intimate and Safe Private Online Community Forum with Support, Coaching, Guidance all directly from me

  • Private Calls with Me

  • Financially Friendly Tuition

Click here to fill out your New Year EEC Group Program Application. I will personally review it and be in touch with you if I sense you are a match for The New Year 2021 EEC Group Program. With grounded energy, - Jen PS: I personally feel stepping into The New Year (especially after THIS year) with support and a plan in place is the only way to go IF you know you are meant for The Non-Nine-to-Five™. Here's the application: PPS: Here is what Yolanda, a participant in The Fall 2020 EEC Group Program had to say about her experience:

This Cohort has been a lifeline to success at a time when there is social isolation. I’m able continue this journey with a driving force to succeed. This creates a better and stronger me. More importantly, become a better coach and advisor to my future clients.


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