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why i walked out . . . AGAIN!

Last month I sent you an email entitled, “why I walked out.”  If not, here it is. Well I did it AGAIN. I walked into an indoor cycling class and walked right out.

When I entered the cycling room the music was INSANE.  I felt like I was at a rave (I used to go to raves many moons ago).  I also have a painful problem with my right ear.  Certain sounds will literally pierce my right ear leaving my ear drum in agony.

As I made my way through the rave cycling room trying to find the best positioned bike to keep my hearing intact, IT HIT ME.   This wasn’t for me and I was NOT meant to be here.   And ever so gently I heard, “Leave.” For a split second I thought “Wait, I can’t leave, I signed up.”  And a split second after that I heard, “Don’t force yourself to be here.” And then I heard, “Go to the lake.”   So I did.  I went for a 3 mile run on the lake and it was the best thing in the world.  I was outside on a clear blue-sky sunny day with no rave in sight. It takes a diligence in training yourself to not only hear your intuition, but to follow it on the spot.  Now, what does any of this have to do with quitting your job and finding your Non-Nine-to-Five purpose? Your intuition is a faculty that is FAR MORE POWERFUL than anything that seems logical. REPEAT: YOUR INTUITION IS FAR MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYTHING LOGICAL. It would have been logical to stay and do the class since after all I signed up for it, got dressed for it, drove to it, and showed up for it. In my Non-Nine-to-Five programs I go deep into intuition as a teaching because it is essential if you want to:

Find your Non-Nine-to-Five purposeQuit your 9-5Make money on your own termsI don’t know about you but if something is ESSENTIAL to my growth and success I'm all over that! Lets get all over that together! Jen PS: If you recognize you not only want to read about intuition but be in action around it, please reach out to me so you can learn how to tap into intuition and follow it to stay The Non-Nine-to-Five course. PPS: I didn't forget!  Happy Valentine's Day.  Your Intuition loves you. <3


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