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you lost your keys

On our March Non-Nine-to-Five CWTSC (Community Wide Teaching & Support Call) I taught a process I designed to support members in shifting out of unhelpful unconscious behaviors into conscious behaviors.

For many of us, when we are faced with situations that feel uncomfortable, difficult, or overwhelming, we will do whatever we can to cope with that situation.

We may commiserate with friends, eat, shop, have a glass of wine, etc.

BUT as someone who wants to pursue her Non-Nine-to-Five purpose and not go back or stay in a 9-5 job this won’t cut it.

Starting a business and following what is in your heart truly takes a unique type of person . . . a person who is willing to go against the grain, do things differently, and ultimately re-train her brain for success.

Here is an example of the CFB (Circumstance-Feeling-Behavior) Process:

Circumstance: You lose your keys

Feeling: You feel frustrated, tense, hostile (How could I lose my keys?!)

Behavior (Default and Unconscious): You pick up your phone and scroll.

There isn’t anything wrong with scrolling on your phone when you feel frustrated or tense BUT how is this behavior supportive of your situation and how will this behavior support what you really want?

Plain and simple: IT’S NOT and IT WON’T. It’s a temporary pleasure kick. It’s something you’re doing to feel good again, to run from the frustration or the hostility you’re experiencing.

Using the CFB Process supports in breaking down your circumstance, your feelings, and teaches you HOW to make a new conscious behavior. Non-Nine-to-Five members have a community forum full of support where instead of scrolling social media they can come to our forum and ASK for help.

I just lost my keys. I feel frustrated at myself. I want to eat an entire bag of chips, but I am coming to our community for support instead.

I didn’t enroll the client I thought I would. I feel down. I’ll meet a friend for a glass of wine, that will make me feel better. Wait, no. I'll come to our community for support instead.

I’m running late to a networking event. I feel pissed off at this traffic. I should just go home but I’ll post on our community for support instead AND I will still show up for the event.

Starting and growing a business will inevitably bring difficult circumstances and feelings of discomfort BUT with support, tools, and teachings you’ll not only easily manage through, you will thrive.

Seeing you Successfully Self-Employed AND Thriving!

- Jen

P.S.: Check out Denise's super cool celebration connected to the CFB Process:

"I want to celebrate a conversation I had with my business partner. I shared with him the Circumstance-Feeling-Behavior Process that Jen taught us and it felt really good because he was genuinely curious and understanding.

He is really encouraging of me being in The Non-Nine-to-Five™ programs and said. 'I am really proud of you for seeking this support. Everyone could learn from this.' Having his support means a lot to me."


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